Rally (5 weeks, $125)

Rally is a relatively new canine sport that consists of a sequence of stations. At each station, a sign identifies an obedience exercise the dog and handler team must perform.

I love rally.  Like Dancing with the Stars, I work with my partner to excute with precision, style and my-y-y-y I look good out there!"—Dancing Diesel

Rally courses usually have 12-22 stations, laid out in numerical order by the instructor. These classes provide an opportunity for dog and handler to continue training beyond the basic obedience level and will focus on teamwork as the courses are navigated. While this class is different from traditional obedience classes, it still incorporates general obedience skills, including sit, stay, lie down, coming when called, and walking nicely on leash. Owners will notice more attention and precision from their dogs—and dogs will notice better handling skills from their owners! Rally brochure (.pdf)


Please email spotandco@mchsi.com or call 354-0885 to receive a registration form.

Class Schedule