Puppy Kindergarten (5 weeks, $130)

Our puppy kindergarten class is an entry-level obedience class for puppies under five months of age. Owners will learn how to teach their pups to sit, stay, lie down, walk on leash, and to come when called. Information is also provided on how to manage puppy behavior in a productive and positive way (jumping up, barking, house-training, mouthing, chewing, etc.) and how to motivate puppies for training. During class, puppies have some time for off-leash play in class, which allows them to interact with other puppies and people from other families.

"More than anything, I wanted to be a good puppy!  At class, I showed off how I could sit, walk nicely and come when called.  I was the fastest in the tunnel!  And WOW - I love playing with those other puppies.  Everyone should do this!"—Ellie Beagle

A puppy should be exposed to as many different men, women and children as possible during the first few months of life. Similarly, puppies should have many interactive experiences with other puppies so they are more likely to become stable and confident. Once finished with puppy class, socialization with new people and dogs should continue throughout the dog’s lifetime. In order to start classes, puppies must have received at least two booster shots for parvo and distemper.

Your puppies will amaze you with what they can learn at this age, and, after all—what could be more fun and entertaining than a roomful of puppies??

Puppy Kindergarten brochure (.pdf)


Puppy Kindergarten Registration Form (*.pdf)

Please email spotandco@mchsi.com or call 354-0885 to confirm your space in class before you send in your registration form.

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