Beginning Obedience (5 weeks, $130)

Beginning Obedience is an entry-level class for adolescent and adult dogs (6 months and older).  Owners will enhance their relationship with their dog while teaching basic commands like sit, stay, down and walking nicely on leash. You will also get tips on how to live with and deal with common issues (mouthing, house-training, jumping up, and chewing).

"I loved class so much that I went home and practiced, so I could practice and graduate at the top of my class!"—Maggie Lab

All dogs benefit from working around other dogs and other people, and this class offers that valuable opportunity. Socialization helps your dog continue to enjoy the presence of other dogs and people, as well as learn to work through distractions. By the way, one week of class is dedicated to introducing agility to you and your dog. This is a class filled with skills, information and games to help make learning fun for you and your dog!

Beginning Obedience brochure (.pdf)



Beginner Obedience Registration Form (*.pdf)

Please email or call 354-0885 to confirm your space in class before you send in your registration form.

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